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What are some non-pharmacological interventions in prophylaxis against malaria?   Leave a comment

  • malaria endemic areas (see WHO world map)

  • Anopheles mosquitoes bite between dusk and dawn; the lifetime range of flight of an Anopheles mosquito is 1km. Hence, daytime side trips to areas where malaria is endemic present little risk, if the traveler restricts nighttime hours to air-conditioned hotels or other environments where there are few mosquitoes.

  • travel restricted to capital cities and other urban areas (as is typical of business travel) is associated with an insignificant risk of malaria, despite the risk in areas nearby, with the exception of sub-Saharan Africa and certain cities in India.

  • take into account the possibility of deviation from the preset itinerary brought to the pretravel consultation.

Non-pharmacological interventions

  • wear long sleeves, long pants, and fully closed shoes with socks after dark.

  • use permethrin-treated mosquito nets if accommodations are neither well screened nor air-conditioned.

  • repellent containing 30-50% DEET (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) should be applied to exposed areas of skin every 4-6 hours; more frequent applications is required for agents containing lower concentrations.
    Children: up to 30% DEET is considered to be safe (higher concentrations have not been tested).
    Pregnancy: up to 20% DEET has been shown to be safe.

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