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Malaria Endemic and Resistance Patterns of the World   1 comment

links below lead to the CDC public-access website, updated July 2011

Malaria endemicity:

for more detailed information by country, see Yellow Fever & Malaria Information by Country, CDC website.


Malaria resistance:
Most notably resistance of P. falciparum to chloroquine and mefloquine. Updated 10 Oct 2011.

  • Resistance to chloroquine: all areas except the Carribean, Central America west of the Panama Canal, and some countries in the Middle East.
  • Resistance to Fansidar: Amazon river basin of S. America, much of Southeast Asia and other parts of Asia, large parts of Africa.
  • Resistance to mefloquine: borders of Thailand with Myanmar and Cambodia, western provinces of Cambodia, eastern states of Myanmar, Myanmar-China border, along the Laos-Myanmar border and adjacent Thai-Cambodia border, and southern Vietnam. see Distribution of mefloquine-resistant malaria in Indochina

CDC Travelers’ Health — Yellow Book 2012. Chap 3: Infectious Diseases Related to Travel: Malaria [Internet]. Atlanta (GA): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 2011 Jul 1. [updated 2011 Jul 1; cited 2011 Oct 10]. Available at: