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Parvolex infusion schedule & Nomogram   Leave a comment

Rumack-Matthew nomogram on the Carlson-Edwards homepage

traditional Rumack-Matthew nomograms with both S.I units and U.S conventional units, on Ars Informatica

  • paracetamol conversion: 1μg/mL = 1 mg/L = 6.62μmol/L
  • use high-risk line if patient is on Cyt450 inducers
  • 25% line drawn below traditional line to allow for errors and differences in pharmacokinetics; the results that fall in between these lines are “probable risk of hepatotoxicity”
  • use normogram at 4 hours, to max <24 hours after ingestion
  • rough guide: high risk of hepatotoxicity if >200mg/L at 4 hours, or >50mg/L at 12 hours

Dosage of Parvolex (N-acetyle cysteine) intravenously:

  • 150mg/kg in 200ml D5% over 15 minutes; then
  • 50mg/kg in 500ml D5% over 4 hours; then
  • 100mg/kg in 1,000ml D5% over 16 hours


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